Choosing the Right Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

If you are gifted with beautiful pools of azure chances are you don’t need any eye makeup to have people drawn to your gaze. However, there will always be occasions where you will still need to put on some makeup for your eyes. This article will walk you through a few tips to get you started. This will also serve as your guide to choosing eye makeup for blue eyes. Just follow some of the simple and easy dos and don’ts and you will be all set to do this on your own.

divorce recordsThe main goal of eye makeup for blue eyes is to emphasize the color of your irises. First off, you have to know what look you are going for and what kind of setting you will find yourself in. Are you going for the natural look? Perhaps you may be going for a classic chic look or maybe if you feel adventurous, you might be going for a more sultry or seductive look. Next thing you have to know is how much makeup you are going to need. Will it be an evening affair or will it be held somewhere with a lot of light? Is this casual or formal? Those are the things that will help you decide.

Public record lookupGenerally, when choosing the eye makeup for blue eyes, a lot of people tend to look for eye shadow that contrasts the natural color to make it have a more stark effect. Eye shadow is an important ingredient here so you need to choose the right eye shadow that complements you. A few good choices are browns, grays and blacks. But if you’re going for a more sweetheart look, then pinks and shades of lilac will look good with your blue eyes, too. If you’re feeling a bit on the glam side, you can also choose gold and silver to really make your eyes pop.

Public record lookupNow when you’re choosing the eyeliner, it’s important to remember that the darker your liner is, the bluer your eyes will look. This frames the brightness of your eye color. If you choose light colored eyeliner, this will offset the blue and make it look duller. However white liner applied on your waterline will work to your advantage by making your eyes look bigger. Eye makeup for blue eyes is all about choosing what colors can contrast and complement your eyes.



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