Classic Eye Makeup Ideas for Any Occasion

Like many women, you probably know the important of well made up eyes. There are many different eye makeup ideas out there, but not all of them are for you. It takes quite some practice before deciding on a look that you can stick with consistently, so here are a few to start you off.

If you’re the type that does not enjoy putting on tons of eye makeup, then you can choose to go light by using only eye shadow. This is easy because all you have to do is pick a color that accentuates your natural eye color or even the color of the contacts you are wearing for the day. Ideally what this does is make those colors pop, so the more natural the tone and shade, the better.

divorce recordsIf you are more of a seductress in the making or just want a sexy look to complement your outfit, one of the easiest and most common eye makeup ideas is the smoky eye. Doing this is pretty simple: all you need is a dark eye shadow to give you that heavy lidded look and some killer eyeliner to give you that extra “oomph”. Start by applying a lot of eye shadow on the outer corners of your eyes making it look like you slightly smudged them going outwards. Apply a liberal amount of eyeliner and mascara especially to your outer corners to make your eyes look bigger.

Public record lookupFor everyday use, it is also acceptable and quite convenient to stick to earth tones: eyeliner and shadows in shades of brown. This is very natural and subtle, fulfilling the purpose of enhancing your beauty without making it obvious you are wearing makeup. All you have to do is use a brown or dark brown shade of eyeliner, keep as close as possible to the lash line and then touch up with brown eye shadow.

Public record lookupLast but not the least of the many eye makeup ideas out there is cat eyes or wing tips. This look is so painstakingly simple, you’re probably going to use this a lot. You can choose to use eyeliner gel, kohl, or even liquid liner. Just outline your eyes like usual and then add a slight upward curve tapering at the end of your eyelid. You will get a very feminine look that has just enough drama to catch people’s eyes.



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