Three Overlooked Details for Sexy Eye Makeup

Every woman thinks she has the steps down for sexy eye makeup.  Most women throw on eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara and think they are done.  Although these three steps are essential for getting alluring eyes, to get truly sexy eye makeup you must pay attention to the details. 

If you don’t know what is missing to really make your eyes have the “wow factor,” then you are probably not aware of these three overlooked details for sexy eye makeup. 


divorce recordsDetail One:  Preparation

To really get sexy eye makeup, you need to start by prepping your face before you put on any eyeliner, eye shadow, or mascara.  Start by applying concealer around your eyes.  Cover up the dark rings under your eyes and make your crow’s feet disappear!  Be careful when you put your concealer on so you don’t rub it into your skin.  Apply a small amount on the surface of your skin, and pat and dab the concealer until it disappears.
Next, get your eyes prepped by applying eye base to your lids.  Our eyelids naturally get greasy, and so eye base is a great way to fight that grease.  Without eye base, your eye shadow is most likely going to start sticking to the creases in your eyelid.  Eye base will work to keep your eye shadow in place all day.

Public record lookupDetail Two:  Highlighting Your Eyes

Sexy eye makeup means that your eyes are truly alluring and seem to really pop.  A great way to make your eyes pop is to highlight them with eye shadow.  Take the lightest shade of your eye shadow and apply just a dab in the corner of your eye, where your tear gland is.  Doing this will highlight your eyes and really make your sexy eye makeup stand out.

Public record lookupDetail Three:  Define Your Eyebrows

The eyebrows are an often overlooked part for sexy eye makeup.  You can make your eye brows more defined the same way you highlighted your eyes.  Take your lightest shade of eye shadow and blend it nicely just above and below your brow.  Some women like to use mascara or eyeliner to help define their brow, but I prefer eye shadow.  Eye shadow is great because it doesn’t make your eyebrow look clumpy or matted. 

Applying your own makeup so that it looks ultra-sexy doesn’t have to be hard.  Sexy eye makeup can become a reality for you if you remember to concentrate on the three overlooked details I have explained.  Remember to prep your eyes with concealer and eye base, highlight your eyes with your lightest shade of eye shadow, and define your eyebrows also using your lightest shade of eye shadow.  If you remember to do these three things, then your eyes should really pop and people everywhere will ask how you apply your sexy eye makeup. 

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