How to get Perfectly Smokey Eyes

With the dawn of Lady Gaga, you would think that all the classic looks would disappear and be replaced by brightly colored eye shadow and teacups for hair ribbons. Thankfully, that never happened. One of the most well-loved and favorite looks by most women – an also one of the easiest (with practice) – would be the sultry smokey eyes look. This is a classic that will never go out of style. All you really need to know is how to blend and all you need is practice. Make sure you know how to pair the light colors with the darks ones and you’ll have your look in no time.

smoky eyesFirst things first: prepare your face. In this case, prepare your lid for all that eye shadow you will be applying. You don’t want your make up running down your face so use some moisturizer or a good primer and let that dry before starting.

One of the secrets to good smokey eyes is lots and lots of eye liner. Depending on what color your using you can choose a coal black, natural brown or sexy gray for your liner. Just line your upper lids by the lash line while making it thicker towards the end to open up your eyes and make them look like the perfect almond shape.

smokey eyesNext up is blending your main color on your bottom lashes. You need something easy to smudge so choose a gel liner or even the darkest shade of the eye shadow color you are using. You need to do this carefully because you do not want to look like a raccoon with too much smudging going on.

Now the key to having the perfect pair of smokey eyes is blending your light base colors with your dark ones. First up is to highlight your brow bone with the lightest shade you have and then apply the base color to your whole lid.

Now focus on your eyelid crease this time. This is where you are going to need your darkest shadows. Use something that complements your base color and then sweep it into your crease. Make sure you are blending from the lash line upwards creating an effect that makes your eyes bigger at the outer corners. Also remember that you need to blend in your liner as well.

There you have your perfect smokey eyes! All you need now is to finish by curling your lashes and applying some mascara. Concentrate on getting your outer lashes to look longer than they are and you’ve got yourself the perfect pair of peepers!

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