Professional Tips on Makeup

You don’t have to have a degree from beauty school to make yourself look like a model. With a few useful tips, you’ll be painting away like a pro. Here are a few rules to live by.

First, always use colors that complement what you already have. That being said, you need to choose an eye shadow that makes your eyes pop. Choosing the shades will be dependent on your eye color and where you’ll be wearing it. Neutral tones are always safe but you can also choose to go with the bright colors of the season.

divorce recordsLearn how to blend: one of the most overlooked tips on makeup anyone can ever give you is not emphasizing the importance of blending. It does not matter how expensive your makeup is if it all looks half baked. Sharp lines are not flattering on a woman’s face. Blending is the line between looking like a beauty queen and looking like a drag queen. Always start with the lighter colors before applying the darker ones. It would help if you had your very own blender brush too. Don’t be tempted to use your fingers, this could end up messy.

Public record lookupNow, unless you really are a model and go to shoots every day, then avoid dark colors on your brow bone. This makes you look like a man, which defeats the purpose of wearing any makeup at all. This is one of the tips on makeup that I can’t stress enough on. Learn how to use highlighters to make your brows look lovelier. Also use a highlighter for your cheeks to make them look like they are higher.

Before applying any of this, make sure you’ve applied your moisturizer and/or your primer. This is very important because this is what sets the canvas that is your face. These things help your makeup last longer and help it stay in place too.

Public record lookupNow when you’re going for the smoky eye effect, make sure to know your boundaries. Always keep your eye shadow near the crease. Always blend by the crease. Also remember to use an eye shadow of quality. Cheap eye shadow usually fades after a few hours and you’ll have to keep reapplying. You can also choose to use petroleum jelly to help keep your eye shadow in place.

These aren’t the only tips on makeup you should know, but this is a start. Just keep these in mind when prepping yourself. Also remember that practice makes perfect, so perfect these techniques and you’ll be painting like a pro in no time.



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